Death Valley 

We decided not too ride our BMW’s. Sometimes you know when to say when.


celtic tree cowl & giveaway!

tiny owl knits

Celtic Tree Cowl – digital knitting pattern 25% off this week!  *buy it now* 4.12 USD.

Leave a comment by tomorrow to be entered to win a FREE pattern of your choice!

Step into the magic circle of Celtic trees where fairies are known to dwell.
This never-ending cowl contains list of Celtic trees that also make up the Ogham. The Ogham (Oh-um) is an ancient Irish alphabet from around the 4th century based on trees, with each symbol or letter of the alphabet representing a certain native tree of the Celtic Nations. B = Birch etc. Writings in this ancient language can still be seen on standing stones throughout Ireland and in other parts of the British Isles. These trees were considered sacred and there were were harsh consequences for harming them. I hope you will enjoy staying warm within this healing circle of trees so well…

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